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– Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach – Integrative Medicine

Contrary to what most people believe, Cancer had little to do with obesity, exposure to chemicals, tobacco, alcohol and genetic mutations.  While they are certainly a cause too, there is something beyond that as well. Almost 97% of the cancer cases we have diagnosed and consulted with over the last year reveal some interesting trends and commonalities in these cancer patients. These are :

Chronic Constipation:

Constipation is not just another health issue, it’s a disease.  When you are chronically constipated, you store toxic wastes that are actually meant to be expelled out.  Particularly in women, when things get clogged up in the colon, estrogen (a female hormone) which is supposed to be passed out now gets backed up into our system producing Estrogen Dominant Cancers ( ER+ve) .  Toxic wastes also lower immunity and creates a perfect environment for either a gene to mutate or an already mutated gene to express itself.


Cancer cells thrive in acidic environments.  An acidic body promotes tumor growth and provides a breeding ground for almost all viruses, pathogens and bacteria.  Having said that, going overboard with alkaline foods is not healthy either. Our body needs to strike the right balance with acidic and alkaline foods to maintain an appropriate pH value.

Poor emotional health:

Almost every cancer case can be linked back to the events that took place in a patient’s life, 6– 12 months before they got diagnosed with cancer. Most cancer patients agree that they underwent an extreme emotional distress .This isn’t about day-to-day stress. This is about stress thats been lingering for months and years , eating up a patient from within . For e.g: a divorce , loss of a loved one , physical trauma , loss of a parent , financial issues , low self esteem and confidence issues. It gets even worse when these emotions are internalised. Just like toxic wastes, toxic emotions need to vent out too.

We see radical healing when these stressors are handled the right way, either through yoga, pranayama, meditation, visualisation, sharing, positive affirmations or gratitude practice.

Less Sleep:

Sleep is built in our bodies as a part of nature’s cycle. When we fail to align with nature, we are bound to have health complications .When we sleep; we produce a hormone called Melatonin, which is an Anti-cancer hormone. Melatonin boosts immunity, the first and last line of defence, not just for cancer but for any ailment.

These 4 commonalities can arise due to the following lifestyle habits :

  • Sedentary lifestyle:  Not moving enough leads to weight issues, acidity, sluggish lymphatic circulation , constipation and feeling low most of the times as exercise releases feel-good hormones.
  • Low water intake: Low water can mean low immunity, constipation, acidity, poor brain health and low energy levels.
  • Toxic thoughts: Mind-body connection is real. Every thought manifests into something. In case of cancer patients, we see patterns of anger, irritability, fear, resentment, jealously, OCD properties, and unforgiveness.  All these negative emotions cause negative stress, which in turn can mean acidity, poor gut health and every commonality discussed above.
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