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– Meenal Bhargava / ChaT

  1. Nahargarh Fort: Ever been excited to watch a sunrise? Watching a sunrise from a hill is even more exciting. Nahargarh, the most famous hangout place in Jaipur, will give you one of the most memorable sunrise. Fresh morning breeze with a serene surrounding is the best combination. Take a bike ride with friends to Nahargarh and walk to the highest corner view point.  The view will leave you awestruck.  There you will come across a panoramic view of the whole city. It would be great to carry some food up there as you will not find any food item.
  2. Rawat ki Kachori: Nothing beats the amazing pyaaz ki kachori at Rawat Mishthan Bhandar. The mouth melting delicacy is being prepared by R.M.B. for years and is still the most loved pyaaz ki kachori by jaipurites. Go feast upon a kachori and you won’t be able to forget the taste!
  3. Bapu Bazaar: The most famous market in jaipur for street shopping, bapu bazaar is one place where you would find the best of everything on discounted price! Be it the very famous ‘Pani Puri’ or guddu’s ice-cream, Bapu bazaar has got one of the most famous street food stalls in Jaipur. Want to shop some authentic rajasthani stuff, like the jootis, handicrafts, bandni  or anything? Bapu Bazaar is the perfect place for you.
  4. Central Park: Cloudy sky and a beautiful garden to walk in, isn’t that a perfect idea to spend an amazing morning? Central Park is one such place for you! Located in the centre of Jaipur near statue circle, central park has a lot of visitors going for a walk or jog or just to sit every day. It is also considered to be a bird watcher’s paradise as a lot of birds visit it round the year. Central park holds India’s first day and night monumental National Flag that is 206 feet high! Take time to go for a walk in central park and look at the greener side of Jaipur.
  5. World Trade Park : Being the second most luxurious mall in India after Lullu Mall, Kochi, WTP is one of the most famous hangout malls in Jaipur. It is more than a mall or a business hub for Jaipur. WTP has become the modern identity of Jaipur, the Jaipur that is more than forts and archaic sites, something of which every jaipurite is proud of. It also represents the youth of Jaipur which is equipped enough with all modern facilities of knowledge and skills, which it can and is creating its identity worldwide.
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