5 Ways to Invest in Google!

How an Indian Investor can invest in something that has taken over our world !

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-Kailashnath Koppikar

I was sitting at the neighbourhood cafe looking for some stock information on my worn out Blackberry Z10, when I sensed Hari looking over my shoulder.

“Ah, doing research the easy way!” he said pointedly.

“Unlike you, I don’t get to visit companies and talk to the management,” I replied.

“Don’t remind me. I am just back from meeting a CEO and his team who were all out to convince me that they would be the next Google!” he said.

“Maybe I should invest in some of their stock…” I said.

He interrupted, “Don’t bother. You don’t have to invest in someone who hopes to be Google when you can invest in the original!”

“And how is that?” I asked.

Hari looked at me pityingly. “You don’t know? Let me enlighten you.”

I looked at him. “Please! I thought buying shares overseas was a complicated process.”

“You don’t have to do that! You can get a stake in Google through five simple ways.”

He stopped.

“Yes…” I prompted.

“I need to get a coffee,” he said.

“Don’t act pricey. I will get you one after you tell me.” I promised.

“Okay here goes. Note this down,” he said, pushing across a paper napkin and his Cross ballpen.

“The first – invest in PPFAS Long Term Value Fund. This has 11.45% of the portfolio in Alphabet Inc. which is Google’s new name.”

“The second…,” he looked at me to check if I was noting it down, and then continued, “…is Motilal Oswal’s NASDAQ ETF which has around 4.14% of its portfolio in Class A and 4.79% in Class C stock of Alphabet. This is listed on the NSE.”

“Third,” he continued, “the Kotak US Equity Fund which has 3.3% of the fund in Alphabet.”

Hari nodded approvingly as I diligently noted the information down on the napkin.

“Fourth is the DSP Blackrock US Flexible Equity Fund which has around 4.22% of its portfolio in Alphabet.”

“And the fifth and final one,” he said, completing the list, and picking up the coffee menu, “is the Franklin U.S. Opportunities Fund with 2.87% of assets invested in Alphabet.”

I got up to fetch his coffee as he added, “And with most of these, you will also be getting some exposure to Apple, Facebook, Amazon and all those companies that are such an integral part of our daily life in India now!”

As I was ordering his coffee, I made a mental note to check up the PPFAS Long Term Value Fund to start a SIP!


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