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Inderpreet Kaur Uppal


he recent verdict of Supreme Court to uphold the death penalty has a lot of people up in knots over the right and wrong of it. Whether those four monsters – yes monsters who should be killed or not for the heinous crime they committed?

I think they should be hanged publically and maybe even shamed, paraded and stoned before the hanging. I know it sounds like a public lynching rather than an official government sanctioned order but the fact is that is what they deserve.

How does the super hit movie Bahubali 2 figure in this gory victimisation of Nirbhaya? The movie has some good, positive lessons but one is especially true in present day India. The audience in the movie hall broke in applause with the claps resounding in the hall at the swift justice by Bahubali.

The scene was when Amrendera Bahubali is defending the honour of his wife, Devasena who is brought to court in chains for cutting the fingers of the minister who was assaulting the tribal women entering the temple.

He openly proclaims the truth and confidence of his wife as she speaks up against the evil, cunning minister. Bahubali promptly beheads the man when he falters in the court while cooking up stories about the princess Devasena. The scene is not only appreciated for it being a game changer in the movie but for the clear judgement for a crime by a man. He who assaults women, dishonours and disrespects them deserves to die.

If a movie set, a few hundred years could convey the message of justice and upholding a woman’s honour then how are we failing to do the same now? How can anyone in their right mind object to the death sentence?

The woman who died was nobody to you but as you object to the verdict think just once – you too have some woman in your family. No matter what the relation, whether a mother, sister, daughter or wife or a friend. It is for all of them and those who are yet to come. We in our present have to ensure their future.

This justice, this decision is not just for Nirbhaya Jyoti but also for each and every woman who has been wronged.

Let the four hang publically, they do not even deserve a cover on their faces.

Let this be an example for anyone who dares threaten the modesty of a girl, woman or lady.

Let India too shine like the mythical Maheshmati.

Jai Hind!

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