Bank Officers’ Protest March Towards Parliament

All India Bank Officers’ Confederation will hold “PARLIAMENT CHALO” on 9th of August.

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The All India Bank Officers’ Confederation ( AIBOC ) has given a call for ‘MARCH TO PARLIAMENT’ on the 9th of August. It will protest against the attempt to privatize public sector banks.

AIBOC’s Press Release states, ”AIBOC wants to bring to the knowledge of the public also, the sinister designs of the Central Government intended to hand over the control of the nations asset – the PSBs – to private hands through backdoors. The formation of BBB, the intended BIC and the hyper publicized Indradhanush all are with ulterior motive – to invite private players into PSB Boards as Chairmen, to suffocate the PSBs for capital; drive them to market for capital and ultimately reduce Government equity to less than 51%. Moreover the policies of Mergers, Not providing required capital to PSBs, giving licences to Small and Investment Banks is also a design to stop expansion of Public Sector Banks. To stall these ill-designs, AIBOC has launched Save Public Sector Banks campaign.

As a part of our Compaign, a mammoth “MARCH TO PARLIAMENT” is organized on 9th August. A large contingent of Bank Officers consisting of top leaders, functionaries and members of AIBOC will start moving from Barakhamba Road crossing at 10 A.M. to Parliament House. The march will culminate in a protest programme which will be addressed by the top leaders of AIBOC, Representatives of officers organisations of Power, Communication and NCOA. More than 10000 bankers are expected to participate in the protest programme.

AIBOC had always been in the forefront in all struggles to save the Public Sector AND Public Sector Banks in particular. The Banks in Public Sector, which have transformed the banking parlance in the country during the last 5 decades have withstood various economic onslaughts and resisted the crises without damage. Even during the sub-prime crisis which shook the western economies and decimated several and huge banks there, Indian PSBs survived without any harm due to their intrinsic value. They have contributed hundreds of thousands crores of profits and taxes to the Governments resources. However, the Western interests are hell-bent to penetrate into the vast resources of the PSBs through the ill-though advices of consultation firms hailing from West. Labour laws are also being penetrated into by the Government in the name of easing the business environment, just to sub-serve the capitalist interests, foreign players and to the detriment of the working class.

Officers, Executives and Engineers from Sanchar Nigam Executive Association, All India Power Engineers Federation and National Confederation of Officers Associations of Central Public Sector Undertakings have not only have decided to extend their full support to our Programme but have decided to actively participate in the March. More than one thousand members of these organisations will join march with their banners and playcards.

AIBOC has resolved to fight these moves till the Government retrieves its dangerous steps and provides requisite strength and support to PSBs.

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