BJP Leader Expelled For Calling Mayawati Worse Than A Prostitute

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Election season can bring the worst out of political leaders. And, with UP elections not too far, it can be open season as politicians try to indulge in one upmanship. BJP’s Uttar Pradesh leader, Dayashankar Singh, has been expelled from the party after he compared BSP leader Mayawati to a prostitute. There have been widespread protests in Uttar Pradesh after BSP supporters took to streets agitating against the remarks made by Dayashankar Singh. An FIR has also been registered against him and the police had been on the lookout for him.

Dayashankar Singh caused a major ruckus, when talking to some mediapersons, he said, “ Maywati is shattering the dream that Kanshiram had envisioned. Today, Mayawati is selling tickets in a manner that even a prostitute does not do if she enters into a contract with a man. But, Mayawati, such a big leader of our state, three time Chief Minister, if she gives a ticket to someone for one crore, if someone who is to give two crores after one hour, then she gives the ticket to him. And, if in the evening, someone is to give three crores, then she deletes the other person’s name and gives the ticket to him. Mayawati’s character has become worse than that of a prostitute. ”

Mayawati, clearly unhappy over the comments, hit out at the BJP, saying that these kind of cheap comments show BJP is frustrated with the growing public support for BSP.

UP BJP Chief Keshav Maurya earlier apologized for Dayashankar Singh’s remarks. Even the senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley expressed sadness over the comments mentioning that he will look into it and that he was personally hurt that a BJP party person used such language. However, other parties, including the Congress, were quick to lash out.

Uttar Pradesh will be going to polls next year. Both the BSP and the BJP consider the state as extremely crucial to their fortunes. The BJP wants to tighten its grip and after a stupendous show in the state during the Lok Sabha elections, hopes to make a mark in the Assembly elections too. The BSP, on its part, feels that their is massive anti – incumbency in the state which can work in its favour.

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