If or not board examinations act like an increased pressure on the students, depends on the way they are dealt with. Perspective truly is everything and same applies in the question of the necessity of board exams in the education system.

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-Shubhangi Maheshwari

Yes, I think that the system of board examinations is helpful for the education system. And I don’t believe that boards are responsible for creating additional pressure on the students. First of all, when the quantity and quality of syllabus is the same as it would have been if the school would itself have to conduct the examination instead of the boards of education, then the question of increased pressure does not arise itself. Secondly, what boards do is to boost the spirit of competition among students, which is always a healthy habit as far as development and progress is concerned. Students work harder for their board exams than they would for their school exams because the level of competition rises to the national level and the appreciation and fame received after performing well in boards is always an added incentive for them. Also, the procedure of exams that boards follow makes the level of competition fairer as all the students are marked on the same question paper and against a similar marking scheme. Teachers who correct the answer scripts in boards have no personal touch with the students so their perspective of the teachers while checking the answer scripts is not predefined by the student’s general performance in academics in the class or school exams. This makes board exam an opportunity for weaker and average students start over and prove their worth. I really don’t understand why the concept of board examinations is linked to increased pressure on the students or blamed as a reason why students scoring low commit suicide. Boards are no rocket science. It is simply as any examination would be and I don’t think that our education system is yet prepared to completely discard the system of examinations from the education pattern. If anything needs improvement and change, it is not the boards but the way India deals with education. More than theoretical accumulation of knowledge, importance should be given to practical application. In fact, what must be considered as knowledge at all needs to be given a second thought because what our education system is doing is not to educate human beings but to prepare mechanised versions of human clones that are all following a road that leads to nowhere. The subjects that need to be taught should be re-evaluated first of all and the very definition of examination would then change. Emphasis should be on building a better world with better human beings and not machines that are power hungry and over ambitious and lead an empty, purposeless life without actually understanding the meaning of existence. So it is not so much about board examinations I believe, if things were to be evaluated on that level, then the system of reservation in competitive exams is a meaner enemy of students. But I guess elaborating on the whys and hows of it would be digressing from the topic here. And anyway, the loopholes associated therewith are too apparent to be discussed.

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