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-Alefiya Anis Rangoonwala

Fat is become a dirty word, so is skinny. People are programmed to tell each other that they are not fat, because for them Fat is the worst thing you can be in a society. Society has turned the word Fat into a synonym for the word Ugly. And many of us are buying into that. But I’m sure that’s not what the word means. Fat just means Fat.

We think that our self-worth on this planet is determined by how we look. It is not the body that needs to be changed it’s the perspective. So many people, around the world are anchored down by this negative, dark passenger inside their heads, that tells them that they are not good enough. Its high time, we need to shift the way we think. We are not pushing ourselves and using our  brilliant minds, because we are anchored down. If we do not conform with the ideal size of the body that the society thinks is beautiful, then most of them spend their entire life being at war with their own bodies.

That’s not it, the society has a problem with thin girls too. They say curves define a woman’s body. Men like girls with curves. Thin girls look like they haven’t been fed for ages. This is what the society says. And this is a very big problem.  People are killing their minds every single day due to body shaming. Body shaming, body loathing and negativity is a universal problem.

We don’t realise it but body shaming starts at home. Your family members or friends might not realise it but somewhere deep down, it affects the person. we are looking at this everywhere, magazines, films, poster on the bus. Everybody wants to be a certain body type, or aims to. this is fixated in people’s minds. But they forget that there are so many people in the world and why do they all have to fall under 12 body shapes? Every individual has a different shape and they are beautiful in their own ways. Nobody can make rules about what is beautiful and what is not.

We all have access to a joyous and rich abundant life. All we need to do is look at our amazing bodies and think of our lives differently and think about the times you were wrong about being cruel to yourself. We are all human beings, it’s okay to make mistake and be led to the path that is not joyful or fun. All we need to do is look at it from our perspective and come back.  But always remember to carry the strength of the character and the spirit; that it always doesn’t need a perfect body it needs a kind a resilient heart. once you are confident in your own skin, you will have an over flowing gratitude, because your body is not an ornament, it the vehicle to your dreams.

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