Chatbots – the next revolution

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-Navpreet Singh

Chatbot is a little service embedded in chat platforms to assist people like a private secretary. You can converse with it like you do with a human and it will help you complete your task quickly and efficiently. Like a airline ticketing website can have a chat platform with a chatbot. Instead of browsing through the numerous flight options available for the desired source-destination combo and then going through the process of booking-checking-paying-confirming, you can simply ask the bot to get you the best deal. It will look for the best match and complete the process of buying without disturbing you.

Chatbots seem to be the next big thing as people are now spending more time in messaging apps than in social media apps and that is a huge turning point. Messaging apps are expanding their user hold and bots will benefit from access of all sorts of extended services. Facebook wants this to happen and at its F8 global developer conference in April, the social networking giant unveiled AI bots right into its popular messaging app Messenger. Being something of the future, the bots operating today are in beta phases and improving every day based on the user experience and feedback. There is a long road ahead of them considering the fact that they operate on natural language processing and artificial intelligence which often falters in the beginning and ameliorates as it goes further. There is a hope that consumers will be keen on experimenting with bots to make things happen for them. Some bots push notifications as alerts to the user, while others answer to user’s messages.

Examples of driverless cars, voice-activated homes and AI-powered chatbots fill our minds with joy, admiration and anticipation. We trust them with a task to complete just like a personal human assistant would. So as fancy as they may sound, eventually the task in hand has to be focussed on and seamlessly reach completion. They are intended to become the alternative for small service-based apps. You just have to have accounts in those apps and not actually fill your phone downloading all of them – have a chatbot at your service in any messaging app and do all your tasks with its help without having to navigate to ten different apps.

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