– Harshita Tewani

Vipassana, to see things as they really are. “This art is not only a powerful way of cleansing mind, but also a meditation to make us more focussed and productive.” This is what Kiran Bedi addressed to her listeners in Jaipur in the event ChaT Wellness – Benefits of Vipassana.

We bring forth to you a part of her candid discussion with Mahvir Pratap Sharma.

Q – How has your experience with Vipassana been so far?

A – I got to know myself better. I got to come across this technique that changed my way of thinking. It influenced my entire mind.

Q- What’s your take on today’s youth? How can they be indulged in Vipassana?

A – Start training from home and school as charity begins at home. We need to promote proper leaders at schools and offices who lead children and colleagues to indulge in meditations.

Q – How can Vipassana empower women?

A – It will make them clearer- headed. That will make them steady and patient, so that they act and not react. They will become more impactful and work with more composure. Therefore women will automatically gain respect and power in the society.

In this conversation with Dr. Bedi, we not only came across different aspects of the dynamic technique of Vipassana but also came closer to Kiran Bedi as a person, as an officer and as a vipassari!

ChaT with Dr. Kiran Bedi is available on YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mwn5a0r4OMU

Reference Link : http://changingtomorrow.in/a-chat-with-dr-kiran-bedi/

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