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At ChaT you will connect with fellow visionaries, from all walks of life, giving out their valuable word and their share of experience. You can also explore the diverse cultural, traditional and the accustomed mindset of the Indian Youth. You will be able to connect with all these Delegates under one roof, which will comprise of College students, school students, young professionals & eminent  personalities from a variety of dimensions. ChaT has an array of speakers and sessions that will ensure a stimulating, insightful & valuable discussion, and will help the budding youth of our society to process their thoughts in the positive plane of their own space of dimension.

Why You Should Attend

ChaT is a 2 day conference aimed at bringing about a fundamental change in the way the average Indian youth thinks today, transforming them into positive change agents.
As the name suggests “Changing Tomorrow” aims at bringing together the youth at a national as well as an International level and break free the restricted oriented mindset and show them a broader new horizon. The youth of various countries, are made to share their cultural heritage, traditions and customs making them Ignore the physical boundaries that we all share in today’s era.
Entrepreneurs, authors, mavericks, artists & visionaries, Here you get, mind shifts, ideas and connections so you can expand your ability to accomplish bold things.
Thereafter every Individual session seeks to tackle a particular issue or situation commonly faced In the life of the youth, delivered by young leaders who have set an example for society through their unique and Inspiring thoughts which give different dimensions to life. This new and radical form of leadership is known as Thought Leadership