College education and job mentality

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– Navpreet Singh

While the hullabaloo about startups would be there, for a major chunk of the engineering students, the season of placements is on at this time of the year. You can see students rushing back and forth the training and placement cell of their colleges, talking to each other about upcoming campus recruitment companies and guiding their timorous juniors with hot tips on how to get a job with a good pay-scale. Media is concentrating on colleges with higher number of digits in the salaries being offered by visiting companies. Nobody nowhere would bother about the company as a whole, work-life balance, work position, self-interest and necessity vs zeal. They would spend time and energy in securing an apparent future when they are unsure whether they would survive there for the next 6 months or not. This high focus and attention is diverted to startups or higher studies by some; mark: just some. Others would be so relentlessly driven to secure a backup that they have less consideration for the actual inner call. What if you don’t have a backup? What if you just focus on the impending future and make it worth a while? Are you a risk taker, adventurous bud or a foolish kiddo? Considering the vast amount of power you hold in your subconscious mind and inner soul, you can pursue anything, and achieve it. As they say, it’s all in the mind. Let’s play around, not carelessly but boldly and optimistically.

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