CORRUPTION – The Magnetic Power

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“Corruption is a disease which is spreading all over the world”

-Harshit Pandit

It all started by our great leaders who have already done greater damage to our nation. In today’s scenario people who are working on right principles are considered to be foolish & are unrecognized in the society. Earlier bribes were paid for getting wrong things done, but now bribe is paid for getting right things done at the right time. Earlier people are known for their profession & now they are known for their possession. These days corruption has become respectable because respectable people are involved in it. If a person wants government job he has to pay lakhs for satisfying all the eligibility criteria. This has pollute the society. People have started accepting corruption, if someone is applying in big MNC they say you’ll not get selected as people need contacts or reference to get there and as a result they loose hope and did not apply because they feel that they’ll not get selected, but the fact is people are not awakened and enlightened, they fear to raise their voice against anti social elements prevailing in the society. It is people who can make a change in the society, like when a child do something wrong or unacceptable mother scolds him/her likewise if some people are polluting our society we should take firm and strong steps to correct them and to teach them. We should come forward as we people can only bring a change in our society for our betterment, for our future generations. So all we need to do is do our part well only then we would be able to save our system from being collapsed.

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