Depression : Deal with it now

‘’ And I knew it was bad when I woke up in the mornings and the only thing I looked forward to was going to bed “ - poems from my uncle’s grave

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-Rashi Chaudhary

One of my favorite quotes ever. And probably one of the most underrated. Was the author unhappy you’d ask, or maybe, heartbroken? By large, none actually. You’d be surprised to know how many people feel this exact same way even when they haven’t undergone a significant change for the worse or have had something majorly bad happen to them. Which is why most people don’t understand the reason they’d feel this way ––when the only thing they’d look forward to is going back to sleep. It’s quite heartbreaking honestly, but not to worry, for every problem there’s a solution (without a costly therapist J)

Such thoughts, most likely, are the first signs of depression. These also include not wanting to interact with strangers or feelings of insecurity and not wanting to be seen in public. At times like these, you may even feel that you’re not good enough or that your life has no purpose. You may begin to feel that you’re in a black tunnel with no light. What you fail to understand though is that, you’re not enough, you’re more. Much more. As far as feeling that you have no purpose, think about this. The same God who created mountains and galaxies and oceans, looked at you and thought that the world needed one of you too! How could you not feel important?

Here are a few simple steps that can help you overcome any feelings of sadness or emptiness. Just remember, sometimes nothing bad would have to had happen to you in order to feel sad. It’s natural.

  1. LOVE YOURSELF – This is actually the most important and most difficult step. The first thing you experience when you’re sad, is, blaming yourself and the inability to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself and accept yourself. You cannot be perfect but learn to embrace your flaws, they’re what make you beautiful.
  2. TALK, INTERACT, SOCIALIZE – even if you may feel that you’re not good enough to show your face in public, just remember that there are a dozen people out there who would kill to be you. Don’t lock yourself in a room, waiting for the day to end, seize the day. Talk. Share stories with people and learn more. You’ll find that the mere act of sharing your feelings with someone will make you feel up to 90% better.
  3. PAMPER YOURSELF – Go for a long soak in your bathtub or maybe a relaxing body massage or reiki or acupuncture. The simple act of touch too can make you feel much happier. Just go hug somebody when you’re sad. I’m sure they’d be more than happy.
  4. GET ENOUGH SLEEP – While you may be dying to get into bed, you’ll realize that you’re not actually sleepy or tired. You’d just lie there, tossing and turning and overthinking. Try keeping aroma candles in your room and think happy, calm thoughts and literally forget about everything else. You need your beauty sleep after all!
  5. PERFORM AN ACT OF KINDNESS – You’d find that the simple act of helping someone out will make you feel important and needed hence making you feel better about yourself.
  6. EXERCISE – Even if it just means going for a walk, do it. Exercise isn’t about dumbbells or sweating like a pig, it can be so much more fun than that. Go for a hike in the woods or a nature trail; cycle or just jump rope. It’ll all put you in a good mood. Just be active.
  7. DISTRACT YOURSELF – Maybe discover a hidden talent? Try art or dance or music. Even if you couldn’t sing to save your life, try karaoke, Legit the best way to beat those blues!! Sing your heart out hon, let them use earphones.
  8. Finally, remember you’re not alone. Even famous stars you’ve always looked up to have experienced depression. That doesn’t mean they’re mental, they just need a helping hand. Stars like Deepika Padukone, Demi Lovato and Heath Ledger have also been victims but have successfully overcome it. What have they got to be depressed about, you’d think. But don’t let that smile fool you, look into the eyes, only then will you see how broken they are. If you yourself have never experienced depression, I’m really glad and hope you never do experience it, but you can help those who have. Just try to be a good listener, listen when people talk.

Who knows, maybe that alone will help save a life. I won’t lie, it won’t be easy. But every little victory counts.

Lastly, always remember.You’re loved. You’re significant. And you matter. More than you’ll ever know.


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