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-Hari Haran

Desire is the root of all misery. Even as the words of Gautama Buddha echo in every seventh grade social science textbook, man continues to live his life in his imaginary web of desires and an eternal hope that one day all his desires will come true. Man continues to find solace in an imaginary world of his own in a future that may never happen. At every stage in life, based on the many inherited and acquired traits that he/she possesses, the desires that drive him/her takes shape which pushes each of us in the false trap called the life purpose. Some of us are driven by the need for money and financial security; some of us find solace in happy relationships; some of us crave for power to control the world, while some of us are perennially confused about whether we even possess a desire that can be considered worthy enough as a life purpose.

After extensive research, psychologists concluded that the greatest desire in life must be to be happy. Even such a conclusion sounds incapable of convincing us because contrary to popular notion, happiness cannot be considered as a goal. It should not even be considered as a means to a perfect living. Happiness like sadness or grief or anger or jealousy is yet another emotion that must be experienced as much as every other experience is bound to be enjoyed. Scientists are falsely trapping us by trying to force us to believe that happiness is an emotion that is superior to sadness or anger.

Based on all these musings, it can be safely concluded that the only desire that every youth must have is the desire to have experiences. The desire to meet new people, see new places , eat new food and experience new things every single moment of life irrespective of the emotions that the experience treats him with. A heartbreak must be experienced as much as euphoria should be.
After all, in the end, we are only one miniscule portion in a race that has seen several generations of evolution and is bound to see several more. It is only the memories that are going to last with us till the moment we die.

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