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Amidst the realm of the celebration of the word, people are witnessing a conspicuously compelling personification of digitalization spanning throughout the 11th edition of Jaipur Literature Festival.

In the reek of digitalization of the payment methods, the literary world decided to take a lead and set an example on how to do it right by integrating a digital payment environment at the festival.

As the extravagant celebration of literature approached the horizon, the excitement among the attendees was insurmountable at the knowledge of not having to deal with the hassles of cash transactions.

“At a festival which records a footfall of 25,000 people at any given point of time throughout the day, establishing an all-encompassing and meticulous digital payment (Cashless) environment within the paradigms of the Diggi Palace appeared to be a riveting experiment.” says project manager, Eventbot, the company which entrenched and executed the idea of creation of a digital payment environment at the Festival.

As per organisers the technology used to implement the idea is extremely simple, robust, and extensively backed by a database.

The Primary motive to have recourse of the cashless technology was to standardize the mode of transactions and ease the process for the organizing team, the partners, as well as for the users. The setup has also evidently simplified the practice of aggregating the net worth of transactions taking place across the festival.

In regards to the process, people can avail their NFC cards as soon as they step in the Diggi lane. This card can thus be used throughout the event for each transaction at the establishments of Jaipur Literature Festival merchandise partners, Food partners, and the Book Store.

The authorities of the festival have also assigned volunteers of digital vocation to assist people with top-up of the card, at different locations of the venue, to ensure the ease of the participants.

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