Disability Sensitization Programme at IIS University

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It is very convenient to call people with a disability as specially abled people but do we really treat them like that? NO. Until we have not experienced the pain and sufferings what other person is going through we cannot empathize with them. To aware the students about the difference between sympathy and empathy Equal Opportunity Cell of The IIS University in collaboration with Jaipur based Non-Govermental Organization Umang organized Disability Sensitization Programme on Tuesday.

To let students feel the pain and sufferings of people with disability, some students were made to sit on the wheelchairs. Some students’ knees were tied while others were blind folded. These students were escorted by their peers and allowed to move around the campus. They experienced the problems that students with disability have been facing each day.IIS Jaipur

Radhika, a student escorting her friend on wheelchair, shared her experience said that disability is not as big a problem for people with disabilities as it is the mindset and behavior of other people towards them is.

Blindfolded Rakshita had another experience to share with us. According to her, when a normal student enters the school or college, she makes friends of her choice but this option doesn’t withholds with student having a disability because she could make friends only with those who have landed their support to her.

However, this program helped students to understand that they should not sympathize with the people who are disabled but they need to spend time with them and treat them as equal. It is high time to change the mentality towards such people so that we can help them in a better way.

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