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EventGraphia is India’s 1st exclusive Event Photography company for sleek and sophisticated photography and cinematography solutions, lead by a passionate and progressive team that lives and breathes photography.

The biggest motivation is to provide a platform to all skilled photographers/cinematographers to showcase their talent in the real market. The motto behind this is to increase value for money for the customers and to nullify monopoly in the market.

Founder Dhiyavasu says, “There have been 2-3 sequences of incidents that changed my life and forced me to start EventGraphia.com. I saw that in the field of photography, your name speaks louder than your work. People always hire from a 40-50 years old reputed studio and they charge 2-3 times higher than the actual rate. In most of the cases I found that their father and grandfather was good photographer, and their children don’t know even ‘P’ of photography but they are earning from the name of the studio.”

At the same time, there are a lot of photographers who click far better than those studios but people don’t hire them or they get 1/10th of what those studio charges. Moreover there are some good photographers who build their name but other photographers also click equally well but they couldn’t publicize their names and earn very less in comparison to the actual value of work. At the same time customers are also paying higher as compared to the actual value of work.

“I launched EventGraphia.com so that photographer and customer both get/pay actual value of work,” tells Dhiyavasu. “And I have raised the earnings of these photographers by 20-50% and have reduced the prices up to 50% for customers. Moreover we are increasing the quality of work by conducting workshops and training sessions by professionals,” he adds.

EventGraphia.com took portfolio and interview rounds to hire photographers, so that it can maintain quality. Dhiyavasu aims to expand EventGraphia in future. Currently they are operating in 198 cities of India and expect to expand it in international markets as well.

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