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The Government of Rajasthan is running Food Vans under the name of Annapurna Vans to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner meals for underprivileged at extremely subsidized rates of Rs. 5 for breakfast Rs. 8 for lunch and dinner. Currently there are 480 operational vans in various cities of Rajasthan and about 50 of these vans operate on various locations in Jaipur.

Team Feeding Hands at Annapurna Vans to serve meals to underprivileged.

The food for the vans in Jaipur is cooked at a central kitchen situated at Vishwakarma industrial Area; the vans get their daily stock of around 800 meals from the central kitchen and then ply to their pre-determined locations spread across the city. All vans carry an average of 800 meals of categories under breakfast, lunch and dinner. These vans are parked at various Government Hospitals, Industrial Areas, Railway Station, Bus Stands among other places where the need for subsided food is at the maximum.

Feeding Hands is a Non-Governmental Organisation that has adopted one such Van, which is parked at the Gate No. 5 of Sawai Mansingh Hospital, Jaipur. The NGO observed that the patients and their attendants coming to SMS Hospital have difficulty in affording clean food even at these subsidised rates, in order to extend a helping hand, Feeding Hands, buys coupons from the van for the whole day and distribute them among the people looking for food, thus taking the burden of even five and eight rupees away from them. It’s not only this, the NGO volunteers are present at the Van and help educate in terms of hygiene and cleanliness, the volunteers make sure that the recipient of the benefit does not waste the food. One representative of Feeding Hands spends almost six hours a day at the van for the cause.

Feeding Hands, encourages citizens to celebrate their Birthdays and Anniversaries with the patients/attendants by distributing food with their own hands. To add shine to the celebration, Feeding Hands arranges for a cake to be cut at the Van which is then distributed with the food.

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