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– Harshita Tewani / ChaT

Well, not many of us believe in this saying, but I feel that first impression if not the last impression, is definitely a key to a lasting impression. But how to make your first impression enduring and impactful? How to lure your listeners by your speech? Don’t you worry because the ICGians have found a way out. The Ivy League at the IIS University organised a presentation on soft skills; “First Impressions” as a guide to public speaking and interview presentations.

The presentation started by some very important do’s and dont’s put forward by Shiromi Chaturvedi. She talked about the common mistakes that we do while introducing ourselves, like saying “myself xyz”, “I’d like to start by saying”, “last but not the least”. These phrases are a big no no. Also one should never say in an interview/introduction that “I don’t really have any strengths or achievements”. It is a very negative phrase, as we all do have some or the other strengths, but by saying this we create a problem for ourselves. Also one should never be hyper or overconfident in such conditions.

Next was the segment by Nishtha Chakravarty that discussed Voice Modulation. She explained how one should maintain his pitch while speaking, and never be too loud or too soft. She also talked about “emphasis”, and how we should throw light on certain areas of our speech. And yes, never fake an accent, it is just too bad for you.

The next segment was taken by Iha Magazeen on Body Language. She talked about how we should use the stage, and not be stiff while talking. Don’t talk with hands, as in don’t go overboard with hand gestures, please! And never overact on anything for that matter.

Next came Apeksha Tickoo who talked about the Grammatical Errors. We sometimes end up using two past tense words back to back like “didn’t knew” which sounds horrendous. Plus if you use words like “hairs”, “feets”, you need to get some grammar lessons man!

The session was concluded by Charu Vashishtha. She summed up the presentation by bringing in all the important aspects of public speaking and interview presentations.

So people, some take away messages for you:

  • Don’t be hyper active and boastful.
  • Be confident and put forth only your achievements.
  • Don’t be too fidgety or too stiff.
  • Use small relaxation techniques.
  • Never ever fake an accent.
  • Check your grammar.
  • And yes, BE YOU! Be confident and humble, not arrogant and over the top!

These hacks will surely help you in your next interviews and forthcoming public speaking events. So do participate, do prove your mettle!

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