Fitness Dreams Should Not Lead To Steroids’ Abuse

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-Dev Ankur Wadhawan

Today’s youth is aspirational. With ambitions soaring, the young wants to make it big. And make it quick. On the rise has been the urge to attain instant results and gratification, Whether it is in one’s profession, in personal relationships or when it comes to attaining fitness.

Fitness is one subject which has gained increasing attention over the years. Youths today want those rippling muscles, bulging six – packs or eight – packs and a swagger to match with all that. And with inducements on the sly being available rather easily, it may be tough for gullible, naive youngsters eager to attain quick results, irrespective of the means, to not fall prey.

Anabolic steroids have caused much harm in the cases of several of those eager to get a massive shape and attain quick results. And with their easy availability, there is no dearth of those who wish to take the easy route and succumb to peer pressure for getting results real fast.

But, what may come out of steroid use can be horrifying and extremely unhealthy in the long run. The consequences, once considered in totality can be scary enough to push one away from their usage , despite all the hearsay about so and so achieving results superfast without putting in large amount of effort, pumping the iron or doing those excruciating crunches.

Consider the harmful effects that steroid usage can lead to. Even though they may lead to bigger, more bulging out muscles fast, uncontrolled aggression, muscle weakness, acne, depression, high blood pressure, liver disease are some of the effects that anabolic drug use can cause.

Steroid use can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease. Impotence and shriveling up of the testicles are its known side effects. They can cause havoc with kidney and liver and may even damage the organ or cause cancer in extreme cases.

Steroids can even cause nausea, lead to destruction of brain cells and violent swings in the mood of the user, something which may be hard to fathom for those consuming it. Steroids can lead to fall in the immunity level, making the user increasingly susceptible to colds and flus. Steroids can even lead to male – breasts, a phenomenon not very uncommon amongst anabolic steroids’ users.

Another side effect of steroid usage, which is known to produce hormones within the body akin to what one may go through during puberty, is hair loss. Like adolescence, steroids can also lead to acne.

Steroid usage comes with potential risk of causing severe damage to the muscle tissue and hence prove counter – productive to the very purpose with which it may be consumed. Steroids may also cause a significant drop in production of White Blood Cells and thus cause fall in the ability to fight against infection. The long term effects can cause heart disease and cancer of the liver and kidney.

Several sportspersons are known to use steroids in a bid to enhance their performances. However, the risks of indulging in substance or steroids’ abuse can cause havoc with one’s life bringing about changes which one may be left to regret about later.

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