Gender Equality – Ease or Dis-ease ?

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Shivani Jha

I wonder, if the female denizens of any forest ever come together to talk of gender equality or gender neutrality or chauvinism, feminism or any other “ism” of such kind. Is it a dis-ease that only humans face?

The society that we live in has come from a past where men have dominated women in the society. We see and cry against it because we understand tangible things easily. When a women is not given her freedom to walk out of the house, we say it is inequality. When women are paid less as compared to their male counterparts, we call it inequality. When a well-behaved girl is expected to be married within an age bracket, we look for air to breathe. And there is no denying the fact, that we do go through all this. But is it all?

Let’s turn the tables for a bit. While there were repeated instances of men dominating men physically and financially, can we deny almost equal instances of women dominating men emotionally?
When a woman is not given a right to walk out after a certain time, there are men who have to pick that bag from the laundry at eleven in the night or bring bread for morning breakfast before the shops close, and not very willingly at times. And we might have “enjoyed” our limitations then. When females are paid less as compared to their male counterparts, it is totally unjust and surely salary slips and annual compensations should have nothing to do with a person’s gender but their work. But tell me, if we have not secretly taken leverage at ten when the manager insisted that a girl should probably not stay in the office that late? And yes, I accept that I am just pointing out random instances. But then that is always done – pick a perspective. I am just trying to pick multiple perspectives.

To walk past this kind of female chauvinism to say, women and men took the entire thing to a different level: Let’s talk equality.

Women can do everything that a man can. So, it started with women coming out of their barriers, men coming out of their mental blocks, and society moving a step further. Women today take everything with equal vigor. Be it standing in a long journey on a metro train without an excuse/favour or reaching the pinnacle in their careers.
What women have achieved today is remarkable. New benchmarks are created, new horizons are touched every day. And I stand to give an ovation to them.

Women have walked parallel to men; men have walked parallel to women. So much so, that now there is a race. I have never understood this competition. We need to ask, what are we trying to accomplish? An equal society or a healthy society?

Health is society being at its state of ease. The dis-ease comes from trying to deviate it from its original state. All I am asking is, why is it not acceptable as an idea that men and women were not created to be equals or alike; men and women were created to be distinct, unique and perfect in their own quintessential way.

I am a 21st century working woman who believes every bit in “strength to women” motto, but I believe that this is not something that one has to get, it something that one has. I believe in claiming my place in the world, go out at 2 a.m if I have to and not succumbing to any kind of moral or social pressure.
But I am also the kind of woman who is okay with taking a step back if needed.

When the society is obsessed with equality, all I am asking is where do we want to reach? A world where women are growing beard and men are wearing bras? No, right?

Gender equality is not a need, it is not a race, a cause or a topic, it’s a non-topic. I do not wish to see the society talking in the terms of equality and inequality. I just wish to be living as a human being, not as a woman who has to have a particular demeanour or has to achieve or prove certain points. I want to live in the skin comfortably.

Ever heard a tigress, walking out to prove a point? She is comfortable with royally sitting and letting the tiger hunt the food for her and also at ease in chasing a deer miles before she can catch and eat it. It’s simple and obvious even to animals. Why are we missing on it?

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