Corruption – An “ill” legal step in any work procedure

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-Prateek Sikhnani

It’s that one word which can be heard from almost every citizen in the country,and why not it would be , the “ill” legal practice has such a great impact that you have to be through it in order to get things done.

Everything has a reason behind it and for this what feel is the ‘mentality’ of the people.

This corrupted mentality has become a lifestyle in today’s scenario.

Even successful people after a while start getting greedy in order to earn more and follow the path of corruption.

It’s that “ill” legal step which you have to clear no matter how much talented you are in a particular field to get enrolled into especially when it comes to college admissions.

I would like to share my personal experience when i wasn’t sure about what am i going to do after the 12th boards.I went to an architecture college for admission enquiries and saw people yelling for admissions for their ward in the particular college even if the candidate wasn’t eligible. Now this is the point where this step comes into action. In india we say it like “le de ke baat khatam karo”

And just because of these activities in many different forms the deserving candidates are sent back with a reason that the seats are full or any other stupid reason.

Where a dance reality show also does this by demanding high amounts so that you can survive in the contest. Not because of your talent but how much you will to “pay”

Well , this is never gonna stop if we won’t raise voice. How can someone sacrifice their deserving position just because they don’t have high amounts to pay as a “tip” (corruption)

Sad to know that if success comes only to those who accept corruption then atleast i don’t support it. This is true but still there is a strong hope when you have the courage to fight , nothing is impossible to beat this “ill” legal activity.

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