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-Dev Ankur Wadhawan

Renowned actor Irrfan Khan has many fans who adore him for his acting prowess. He is known as the thinking actor. However, Irrfan is not known to be extremely expressive in his off – screen interactions. But, at a promotional event for his upcoming movie, ‘Madaari’, Irrfan made several bold comments. He spoke about sacrificing goats on Id – ul – Zuha, on Salman and also about Father’s Day.

Khan questioned the ritual of sacrificing goats on Id – ul – Zuha. He said that sacrifice means sacrificing something dear to you, it does not mean that you buy two goats from the market and sacrifice them. Irrfan went on to say that if you do not have anything to do with them, then what kind of sacrifice is that… every man should ask himself how can he gain virtue by taking someone else’s life?

Tweet of Irfan Khan at 8:29 PM - 30 Jun 2016
Tweet of Irfan Khan at 8:29 PM – 30 Jun 2016

Irrfan also said that we need to re understand the meaning of our festivals and that he is fortunate to live in a country where all religions are equally respected.

On comments made by Salman and other celebrities, Irrfan said, celebrities are also human, you should not consider them as some pious souls, they can also make mistake, they should not be taken seriously.

Irrfan said that you should make those heroes who sacrifice without being selfish.

Irrfan also said that fatwa should be issued against those people who malign Islam or indulge in terrorist activities.

Irrfan also said that we have borrowed Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, foreigners meet their father once in a year. On how to celebrate Father’s Day, he said that he took his son to the Sabarmati Ashram to make him aware about Mahatma Gandhi.

Irrfan also said that he is keen about kite flying, that several celebrities promote fight club or sports today, but he does not think about future.

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