Lesser known tourist places in Rajasthan – Bhainsrorgarh

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Bhainsrorgarh – A fort on a river of glass

Around 300 km from Jaipur and further south of Kota city, stands the mighty and yet one of the least explored Bhainsrorgarh Fort. Overlooking the crocodile infested Chambal River from a height of 200 feet, this 260 years old fort is a delight for those who seek solitude far from the maddening crowd. The thick vegetation and 40 feet deep river made it one of the most difficult- to- capture forts in Rajasthan.

Bhainsrorgarh Fort has passed through several royal hands before becoming a permanent seat of Mewar’s nobles, the Sisodiyas.  It was founded by a clan – Rors who also built forts like Behror, Dadror, Kagaror and Aghror. For a brief period, the Turks took over its control but it was recaptured during the reign of Rana Hamir around 1330 AD. During the bloody battle of Haldighati, when Maharaj Shakti Singh saved the life of his brother, Maharana Pratap from the chasing Mughal forces, Maharana awarded Bhainsrorgarh to Shakti Singh’s sons and it became the head quarters of Shaktawat clan. In 1741, it was awarded to Rawat Lal Singh by Maharaja Jagat Singh II of Udaipur.

The present fort was built in mid-1740s. Today, Bhainsror fort is a luxury hotel run by the royal family. Although many forts and palaces across India have been converted into hotels, but what makes Bhainsrorgarh special is the fact that the royal family themselves operates and manages the hotel. Not many alterations have been incorporated in the property so that visitors can savour the original flavours and colours of royal lifestyle. The Chambal River here is 500 yards wide and 40 feet deep. Its calm waters bear the grand reflection of the fort giving one the feel that it is floating on a river of glass. The native boatmen offer rides across the river in their decrepit wooden boats granting a rare opportunity to capture the picturesque fort in your camera. The population largely is rural here and tourists are still a novelty. A walk around the village attracts lot many smiling faces that are also willing to guide and help you through your course.

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