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-Alefiya Anis Rangoonwala

In the pursuit of sons 7,50,000 girls are deliberately aborted in India every year. The number of girls killed at birth is not known. For them raising a daughter becomes an expensive business. One daughter is considered a burden and two sometimes become an economic impossibility.

There is no justification of this phenomenon of killing infants it is gruesome and a brutal murder. The point is that such a thing is very unnatural and would not happen unless they were severe compulsions and great desperation for having a boy child. The society is predominated by men and the male supremacy means that women are treated not just and inferior but also as subservient. the long-term solution to this could be an attitudinal change and economic incentives.

Training and education might stop infanticide in the long term but in in the short run we still have crisis on our hands. The girls born are killed at birth, by poison, suffocation or fed rice husks. Where the times are changing and we must be prepared to deal with these times. some girls from the   traditional family believe that people don’t let a girl child live and when they grow old they are under the obligation of their parents that they let her live. They always had the option of killing her, or giving her up for adoption, but is this right? Having a baby is the most beautiful moment for a woman, but for some people it becomes a night mare. If the husband and in-laws aren’t happy they have to choose between the child or the family, is this fair for the women?

Today we have women is various fields, growing achieving matching up in the male dominant society, we should encourage young girls, to do what they want in their life and achieve their high goals. Believe in your girl child, she will make you proud!



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