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-Mayank Gurnani

There is a rising need to acknowledge the LGBTQ community. Even in 2018, Homosexuality is a sensitive subject in India. It is still condemned in a majority of Indian households. With the rising hate crime against queer people all over the world, there has been an increased need to acknowledge the importance of legalising gay marriage in India and accepting those who seek to love whoever they wish to. e question that arises in this argument is why must any form of love be rejected? Homosexuality is not a choice and accepting homosexuals as ordinary people should not be a choice either.

India is a secular country that is developing economically, however, the mindset of the people is showing no signs of development. We must broaden our minds and believe in a brighter future for India. We can only move forward if we let go of our past beliefs that have lost their relevance in the modern world. A country where the ‘sanctity’ of marriage remains intact, even when either of the partners is an adulterer, is apparently lost if two people of the same gender love each other. If homosexual marriage is a taboo in India due to the fact that same-sex couples cannot reproduce, then it must be noted that they can always opt for adoption or surrogacy. The queer community has been tortured and harassed for something that they will never be able to change. Many would rather stay in the closet than be disowned by their families and mistreated by their friends and eventually absconded by the society.

The misconception that homosexuality is a choice is the major reason why the LGBTQ community is condemned and looked down upon. It is common for In- Indian children to be constantly blamed and suggested to change several things about themselves, from their skin colour to their weight to every aspect of their behaviour. We are brought up with the socially bridled notion that we are never enough. In a country with a population of 1.2 billion, we are taught to be the best which unfortunately means that the way we are is never enough. In such a plight, it may seem very difficult to accept the idea of homosexuality. But the truth is that India is a country that is rich in its culture and traditions. Our customs have slowly modified over the time to suit the changing trends, pacing lives and developing cosmos.

By understanding the true essence of absolute acceptance, we can move forward as a modern society and most importantly as a liberal country. Several initiatives in India have inspired people to speak out against the unfairness, intolerance and violence meted out to such people. These include the Pride parades in Mumbai and Delhi and many other initiatives to support transgenders. These movements can inspire several people and give them a ray of hope for a better future. e fear of being victimised and accused of something that one can’t help is the most horrible feeling one could have. The LGBTQ community needs our support and help. A world where everyone lives in harmony with each other seems like a completely utopian concept in today’s scenario, where violence is spread- ing like wild re. In the midst of all this fear that consumes people’s happiness and swallows their lives, we should find peace by acknowledging the fact that there’s a little more love in the world. It is time to lend a hand to all those who need help, who are simply disdained for loving someone unapproved by society. Only by accepting these norms will we ever grow as a nation with a stronger bond among our people. Humanity demands equality. Equality builds up fraternity. Consequently, fraternity shapes the country. Will you turn inhumane if someone else is different from you? Or simply will you stop accepting love? Think! think twice and keep thinking until the time you can accept because love deserves acceptance. Together, we can paint India in the beautiful colours of the rainbow.

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