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V.K. Poddar Foundation manifests the urge of Kamla Poddar Group to pay back the society. The foundation takes up numerous social initiative to encourage ‘Art and Culture’ especially whenever women empowerment is involved. To take this initiative further Kamla Poddar Group, V.K Poddar Foundation has organized a play in association with senior artists of Gandharva theater.

This play is a Hindi adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s world-famous classic “The Importance of Being Earnest “. The Hindi version is written by Saurabh Srivastava.

The play is set in post-Independence India, in Lucknow and around, when the Princely States have just lost their rule but the lifestyle and attitudes of the aristocracy remained the same: age -old feudal concepts of social status and dual moral standards. This comical farce is about very humorous situations arising out of forged and mistaken identities, silly romantic ideas of love, greedy behavior and funny situations arising out of all these- and a riot of laughter is created.

The duration of this comedy is 90 minutes. Plus an interval of 10 minutes.

Gandharva Theatre is an amateur theatre group which is working in Jaipur since 2012-13 and has consistently presented good entertainment, clean and healthy humor and internationally acclaimed literary works before the audiences. The group derives tremendous creative satisfaction out of this endeavor.

The Creative Director of Gandharva Theatre is Saurabh Srivastava who has been actively involved with theatrical activities since his student days in Allahabad. During his studies of English Literature and Sanskrit Literature at University of Allahabad , he worked as an actor , an Assistant Director and later on as Director with two groups –‘ Muir Dramatic Society ‘and ‘Campus Theatre’ and put up shows of various plays in Allahabad , Lucknow , Kanpur and Varanasi. During early part of his career, he continued his theatre work in Baroda, Hyderabad and later on in Jodhpur up to 1997. Then due to demands of his professional work there was a break of 15 years and he could not be actively involved with theatre.

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