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Yes. You heard that right. The much hyped addition to the Mission Impossible lineage scheduled to release on 7 August, 2015 in India and on 31 July, 2015 in America is making headlines. The lead, played by Tom Cruise recently announced ‘Mission Impossible Rogue Nation- World Premier Live Stream’ event, in Vienna, on July 23. In trailer there was an amazing shot of Tom Cruise, hanging off the side of an aeroplane as it took off.

The script for the latest impossible mission was written by Drew Pearce who also wrote Iron Man 3 and is set to write Sherlock Holmes 3.

Here are 5 things which happen in every Mission Impossible movie:

  • People peel off amazingly realistic masks!
  • Tom Cruise hangs from something, be it the edge of a cliff, a supersonic train or Burj Khalifa!
  • Running, running and some more running; from explosions, bullets or dust storms.
  • A dangerous object comes really close to Tom Cruise’s beautiful face and gets the audience at the edge of their seats.
  • Somehow, top secret information manages to self destruct whenever the hero wants it to.

Catch the live streaming here: http://simonpegg.net/2015/07/23/mission-impossible-rogue-nation-world-premiere-live-stream/

And don’t miss our review!

– Ana Khan / ana@changingtomorrow.in

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