Movie Review: Mission Impossible 5

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– Ana Khan / ChaT

Directed by Christopher McQuarrie, flaunting Tom cruise as the lead, along with Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Rebecca Ferguson the movie keeps you intrigued and at the edge of your seats. The box office collections, for the opening weekend in the U.S were $55,520,089.

The beginning sequence has Tom Cruise clinging on to a flying plane, yes! A flying plane! The movie follows a similar plot like the last one from the lineage. With the IMF disbanded, the lead characters work under cover to track the powerful ‘Syndicate’. Although the film has action packed sequences which will surprise you every few minutes, nothing seems impossible for the lead! He is ‘THE MAN’ who can do everything at just the right time. Be it holding one’s breath under water, abducting Britain’s Prime Minister or hanging on to a flying jet.

According to Namit, “The movie did not meet my expectations but I would watch it again only for Tom Cruise. The plot could’ve used some more original ideas.”

Meenal said, “The cinematography was splendid however the story and sequences could use a punch of reality.”

It is worth a watch for the action sequences. Though hard to believe they would definitely give you the chills. And if you are a Tom Cruise fan then don’t miss this one. He looks ravishing!

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