Movie Review : Martian

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– Ana Khan

Directed by Ridley Scott, Martian is a survival story on Mars. The lead is played by Matt Damon, who gets left behind by his crew during a mission to Mars. The story follows his subsequent attempts to survive and reach out on the hostile planet. The cinematography is appealing and keeps you intrigued at all times.

Although, a major chunk of the movie takes place in space, a connective link to Earth exists and gives an edge to the lead’s solace on Mars. Millions of miles away, NASA works incessantly to bring the martian back.

The scientific rationales are quite interesting and make each stride to survival more plausible. The attempts to grow food, produce water, navigate and reach out to NASA are all explained explicitly. The movie also makes you smile with some ‘punny’ jokes.

Ashish remarked, “I found it quite similar to Interstellar and Gravity. But I liked Matt Damon and the climax sequence.”

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