Music is the language of our hearts

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Trinity College, London conducts an annual music certification exam in Jaipur. This year again the students of Anant Sangeet Academy have performed exceedingly well by scoring top grades in various musical instruments and brought glory to the already famous Institute. The director of the Institute, Rajesh Sharma deserves full credit and a round of applause inspiring the little musical geniuses. A name that deserves special mention among other equally brilliant performances is that of Prisha Poddar who is no less than a prodigy, Scoring 99 out of 100 in her Grade 4 Electronic Keyboard Exam (EKB). The other notable performances in EKB were Anant Sharma 93, Siddharth Biswas 80, Malika Sharma 92, Shubhodya Godha 95, Arham Saraggi 93. In Guitar Varnnit Kamal Khatwani scored 90, Arnav Ghatiwala 84, Tanishka Vikas in Piano got 82. In Rock & Pop Suhani Agarwal scored 98 and  Aryan Bhutra 93.

Prisha Poddar EKB Jaipur

The prodigy Prisha, when interviewed goes on to say   “My music is my language, it will tell you more about me than the words I say. I began learning music in 2010 and it became my soul mate and my best friend. Amidst the pressure of studies, music brings to me the much needed respite. The greatest high for me is to achieve milestones in music and I felt on top of this world when I scored 99/100 in my trinity exam. Music and I are now entwined and I will never let it go because I believe that where words fall silent, music begins to speak. “

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