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-Kabir Jain

Dear Aspirations

An M.B.A. degree in hand, a prospective pay check grand; treading downhill the career path I seldom knew, seizing the “carpe” in chaotic cahoots with you.

I am ditching you just when you thought you would be my crazy companion for the next few days, months and years that would roll by. Nah… I am not doing one of those hush-hush start-ups that became the apple of your eyes just when I grabbed a Pre Placement Offer. That would be nothing but to go out of the frying pan and into the fire. And then again, I really won’t be a hypocrite and insult you by indulging in C.S.R. and being a social Samaritan, when all I have been doing is making your wildest dreams come true during my long stint with you wrapped up in layers of ‘sharp’ suits and an uncanny attitude. I am breaking up with you so that I can find the real me the ascetic Kabir who is indifferent to the curves that you have presented in my flat yet fab life – the one which had a full stop to its bucket list and ambitions somewhere down the line, the one which made it plain, simple to understand myself and my desires. No more am I entrapped in the lucrative lust that you exuberated: vertically progressive plaques that read out elegant designations designed just for the purpose of embellishment, intellectually stirring work, and some quick fixing ‘jugaad’ of candid quirks that resulted in a preposterous self-appreciation. I have found my new love of self-declared satiety at a harried place, never mind if it is ephemeral, if it will end up into something painful and regrettable, if it will invoke your memories in me. So I will sit back and relax in my rocking chair fondly remembering you as my beloved ‘Ex’ while perusing over that wonderful time you outlived on my C.V. through your souvenirs of my achievements and internships you made me take up. Till the time that my vow rips us completely apart and my actions reunite us back by some strange conspiracy of fate.
Yours truly (strike 1) bitterly (fits) sincerely (strike 2)

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