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-Divya Singh


October is a beautiful movie about human emotions, well acted and well written. It’s like the fragrance of the flower “Shiuli”(name of Banita Sandhu in the movie) which lingers in your mind and soul even after leaving the theatre hall. Shoojit Sircar and Juhi Chaturvedi were successful in bringing out a poetic masterpiece. It showed that even without songs and melodrama, a movie can show what love is.

If you are a fan of the ‘Bollywood Masala’ movies then this movie is not for you. The film will make you question about the purpose of life and scratching your back it will ask what is the true essence of love is it a definition of longingness or a state of ecstasy.Since I saw the trailer, I wondered why is the film named OCTOBER? Well after watching it I felt no other word could describe the exactness and the content of the film. October is the season of fall likewise human life is mortal, we bloom and we fall meanwhile life happens.Not all stories can be made into movies- October is a striking example of the same. Juhi Chaturvedi pens down a sensitive heart touching story which would be a paradise for readers but constructing a movie out of such thin-wafered plot is like sailing an anchored ship- your ship would just stay there.Dan (Varun Dhawan) is a trainee at a five star hotel where he is constantly taunted for his negligence and disinterest in his work. Shiuli (Banita Sandhu) is his intelligent comrade with a few others who always cover up for Dan and his doings. An unfortunate accident occurs on the New Year’s Eve leading to Shiuli going in the state of coma. The rest of the movie is all about her fight against life, her family’s war between emotions and practicality and especially Dan’s unjustified but unending effort for saving his not so special colleague.Although the plot stretches across months to years- there isn’t any significant advancement in the story which just looks like the audience watching a CCTV footage of Dan riding his bike from the hospital to his home and back and forth. With a very few punches distributed, the movie tries hard to hold audience’s attention, but in vain.Talking of performances, Varun Dhawan does shine in this film but his range of emotions is limited and it’s only after Badlapur that we see him in a serious role where his innocent look justifies the character. Banita Sandhu as a debut hasn’t got a crisp role. Being Immobile – lying on the hospital bed for maximum portion of the film, Banita Sandhu feels more like a prop in this film which actually revolves around her. She needs to be given another chance and a proper role to prove herself. Gitanjali Rao as her mother perfectly fits in the shoes with other supporting actors justifying their characters.The movie is sensitive at its core and perfectly struck the emotional chord. It does succeed in beautifully portraying the quest of a human being to go against the world for another, being none less than a stranger, leaving us wondering that whether there is such heart to heart connections which cannot be named and which develop during the time of hardship? Full points to Juhi Chaturvedi for intriguing the viewers, Shoojit Sircar deserves some brownie points too for painting the screen with limited colors in his palette, still having done some beautiful strokes.For people who love art and want to feast your soul with a thoughtful, meditative film about love, grief, tragedy, mortality and the making of a man then October is the movie for you.

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