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June 11, 2016: It was a joyous occasion for Jaipur’s motorcyclist community at city hotel, as another milestone was being reached with the launch of Jinete Montes Motorcycle Club. With this launch, a long cherished dream of six Jaipurites, who have started this group to promote safe and responsible riding, has come true. Jinete Montes (JM) is headed by Rajiv Bansal, a very popular name amongst the bikers’ communities across the country.

Bikers - Assembling
“Our club also promotes and encourages women riders to join this noble mission of promoting safe and responsible riding among people at large,” said Bansal at the occasion which was attended by some very distinguished riders and defense personnel. “All the riders at JM come from different fields, but are united by the motorcycles. We also aspire to make our Jaipur city cleaner by motivating all the riders and drivers to avoid littering this very beautiful city,” Bansal added.

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