Pokémon GO For Mobile Users

The Pokemon fanbase has always been as strong as that of anime.

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-Navpreet Singh

Pokémon GO is a free-to-play augmented reality mobile game launched a few days ago for iOS and Android users. It is the first Pokemon game for smartphone users and has already gone viral in less than a week. Top followers of the series are praising the forces of the universe for this gift to humankind. The Pokemon fanbase has always been as strong as that of anime.

In this particular game, you are assigned a player avatar as soon as you sign up. Then you need to move around in your physical surroundings looking for Pokemons hidden in places. They can be anywhere from behind a dustbin to beside a movie poster in the mall. You get near a Pokemon and the phone vibrates. That’s when you need to switch on your camera and capture the little cute monster or a giant ferocious one standing right in front of you. As interesting it may sound, the game has a considerable number of development glitches which stops it from becoming the best but cannot stop the fans from enjoying it to their hearts. Even when this game was only officially launched in New Zealand and Australia, fans from India got APK file arranged to run on Android devices as they couldn’t hold back the excitement.

Many shared this elation on social media and blogs, others tried creating memes. How kids in India are suddenly doing household work fetching things from every corner of the house, not with the intention of being a helping hand of working mother, but in the hopes of finding a Pokemon somewhere. How players are roaming here and there, talking to strangers and finding Pokemon at unexpectedly funny places.

All in all, the amalgamation of technology (AR) with the tap on huge existing fanbase and a streak of humor posts shared on social media – have amounted to the virality of Pokemon GO. And it’s worth a try. Many tries rather.

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