Prabhjot Singh Gains Popularity Owing To Udta Punjab

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-Dev Ankur Wadhawan

Actors Shahid Kapoor and Aliah Bhatt, who were in lead roles in the movie, ‘Udta Punjab’, need no introduction. However, its Prabhjot Singh, who played the role of Balli in the movie, whom ‘Udta Punjab’ has made a known face.  A class 12th student, 17 – year – old Prabhjot Singh, played the role of a drug addict in the movie. In the movie, he is the younger brother of a police officer, Sartaj Singh, a character played by Diljit Dosanjh. Prabhjot’s role has substantial duration in the movie.

There had been several controversies pertaining to Udta Punjab in the run – up to its release. Firstly, the more than 80 cuts ordered by the Central Board Of Film Certification ( CBFC ) in the movie had shocked not just those associated with the film but several big wigs as well, who had protested against the same. It was being alleged that the Board was targeting the movie at the behest of politicians who did not want it to show the stark reality of Punjab.

The film’s makers had approached the Bombay High Court against the Appellate Tribunal’s decision of more than 80 cuts. In what was being seen as a snub to the CBFC’s Chief, Pahlaj Nihalani, The High Court had ordered the release of the movie with just one cut.

However, the movie was leaked online even before its release which sent panic waves amongst the movie’s cast and crew. Voices were raised against the CBFC after it was alleged that the print meant for Board’s viewing had been leaked. But after its release, with the film having already done business worth more than 30 crores, its star cast is a happy lot. But, there is also the belief that the film would have done better had it not been leaked online prior to its release date.



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