Are Filmmakers Resorting To Gimmicks During Film Promotions?

How bollywood superstars show their intellectual shallowness.

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-Rajat Bhatia

Before going deep into analysis and facts, let us again recall what our beloved ‘Bhai’ aka Salman Khan recently said in an interview:

“After the training felt like a Raped Women”

Now firstly, who thinks about women getting raped after a grilling session of exercise? I mean, I am a fitness freak myself and have been into several exhaustive and intense workout but never have I called up a friend and said that “Dude! what a session I had today, totally felt like a raped women” the fact that someone would even think about such a thing is mind boggling.

Now before I say any further let us evaluate the career of Salman Khan and understand his position in Bollywood, the following:

a) Nine of his movies have made a total earning of INR 1 Billion (15 Million USD).

b) He is the only Indian actor to star in highest grossing movies of separate nine years. 

c)He is the only actor to give three back to back movies which collected more than INR 200 Crores.

d)He was recently declared the goodwill ambassador to Indian Olympic Team, and

e)He nearly got his hands on Aishwarya Rai.

These things are enough to clarify that Salman Khan is not new to stardom and is the last person in the world to crave for publicity. He has follower-ship not only in Indian subcontinent but also in significant parts of Asia and Middle east.

The fact that Salman Khan made a comment on Raped Women, and for many other celebrities who often use such ridiculous analogies, signifies his ignorance and intellectual shallowness and the fact that such people consider themselves above law, order, emotions, feelings, and take everything for granted.

It’s good to speak your mind out but there is a difference between absurdity and making sense of things. And making such derogatory comment is not as bad as not acknowledging the fact that you made a mistake. Had he realized his blunder and apologized things would have not escalated.

It’s sad to see such people making demeaning remarks on situations and conditions they do not understand. If this is their definition of publicity, then god help their marketing gurus and the public who flock to see these mindless movies.

The question that needs to be answered is that whether it was a planned publicity gimmick or something that happened at the spur of the moment. The point is, on several previous occasions as well, makers of films are known to try to sensationalize the events in the run up to the release of their films so as to catch more attention. One may remember how before the release of a Fardeen Khan Koena Mitra movie, an MMS began doing the rounds which had raunchy scenes of the two of them. After the initial denial, it later turned out that it was a managed thing done with the intention to promote the movie. Filmmakers would do well to draw a line when it comes to film’s promotions and not resort to cheap gimmicks which can eventually backfire.

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