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-Harshita Tewani /ChaT

“Rakhi”, a mere piece of thread that speaks volumes of the very beautiful and perhaps the best relationship in the world; the bond between a brother and a sister. A very sentimental, emotional and pious festival this is, where a brother promises his sister, to be always with her and protect her. But alas! today we really cannot expect this to happen. In this rushing life we all are so busy with ourselves and our work, that we cannot really make it, for all such occasions.

But why do we expect? Why do sisters want their brothers to inevitably pamper them, and be there for them literally always? It is time to realise that no distance of place or lapse of time, can lessen the purity and love of this relationship. So this Rakshabandhan, all the sisters must make these

5 promises to their brothers, to make them realise, that ‘hey bro! I can do without you for now, and I’m quite strong a person you see! (P.S. I Love You)’. So here you go.

  1. I can take care of myself

Ya we all talk of women empowerment and stuff, and call ourselves bold and independent, but girls, this is the time to tell your brothers, that you’re really a strong girl, and can definitely be chivalrous. Go macho-girl!

  1. I am quite a problem-solver!

“Bhai, since you’ve been away for work, I’ve become a super woman, who’s got all possible life hacks”. This is what you need to tell your bro that even when he’s not with you for the time being, his problem-solving tactics are what make your life easier. And you promise to handle things alone.

  1. I am learning

From algebra and projectile motion, to computer hacks, promise to learn them all, so that next time you don’t bother your bhaiya!

  1. I am no more a ‘cry-baby’

Girls like to whine, don’t they? Perhaps to seek attention, which they always get from their bros. But hey, don’t you think it’s time to be a real woman. Get a life girl, don’t worry for petty issues, and promise your brother to manage emotions (and your tantrums as well :P) yourself.

  1. I do, and will always love you

And yes of course, make him realise that he’s the pillar of your very existence. “I love you bhai! And i promise to live up to your expectations, and make you happy, always!” is all you need to say.

So this Rakshabandhan go ahead girls to make some promises, make your brothers realise that you are a ‘good girl’ and a girl too vigorous and hot to handle!

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