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  • Ana Khan 

Ketan Mehta’s biopic based on the heart wrenching story of Dasharath Manjhi is set in a village called Gehlaur, placed in Bihar. The movie begins with a gripping vision and then shifts into retrospect, wherein he eventually falls for Phaguniya.    A gruesome sociocultural India is depicted in the film, bound within the shackles of discrimination, bonded labor, child marriage and so on.

The plot revolves around Manjhi’s struggle of breaking the mountain single- handedly to carve out a shorter way for the villagers. He ages through his combat and often reminisces about his love interest.

Neha remarked, “I loved Nawaz. Probably one of his best performances but I found the movie too slow. It got monotonous after a point. Only Nawaz kept me intrigued.”  While, Kavita said, “I loved the chemistry between Radhika and Nawaz but the plot could’ve been a little better. The soul focus of the movie wanders and it gets far too stretched at places.”

The ambition and madness depicted by Nawaz keep you hypnotized, but partially! The music is soulful and apt in spite of the dearth of songs. The dialogues and cinematography speak to you but the plot could’ve been more focused. Don’t miss it if you are a Nawaz fan.

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