Review: Terminator Genesis

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  • Ana Khan

Terminator Genesis is an American science fiction film directed by Alan Taylor. The cast includes Arnold Schwarzenegger, reprising his role as the eponymous character, along with Jason Clarke, Emilia Clarke, and Jai Courtney. In addition to the standard digital format, it has been released in 3D. The film is the fifth installment in the Terminator franchise. John Connor sends Kyle Reese back in time to protect Sarah Connor, but when he arrives in 1984, nothing is as he had expected it to be.

Critics generally gave the film unfavorable reviews, and it underperformed in its domestic market, the United States, earning only $42 million in its 5-day opening weekend. The film was mainly criticized on account of unoriginality. The trailer revealed more than it should have, and gave away all the plot twists, leaving nothing to the viewer’s imagination. However, fans in India had a different opinion.   According to a young viewer Nikhil, “The movie was captivating and the special effects made it all the more enthralling. I loved Arnold more than anything else.” Azeem complained that the time travel was not well executed and was confusing but he was quite appeased by the iconic one liners by Arnold. If you are a Terminator enthusiast or an Arnold fan, don’t miss this one. For the others it’s a onetime action packed watch.

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