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Ragini Shree, astrologer based in Jaipur, predicted about Bollywood heartthrob Salman Khan’s legal problems on May 6, the day he was granted bail in hit-and-run case from Bombay high court. She studied horoscope of Salman, on request of some media houses, and sent the prediction to a select group. The prediction was “Salman’s upcoming three years are safe”. The astrologer has, in the past, truly predicted about Cricket World Cups in 2007 and 2011, about arrest and long time in jail for religious leader Asaram Babu and many others issues. In a Chat with Changing Tomorrow, Ragini gives an insight into how she predicted about Salman and what it all requires to make such predictions:

ChaT: You predicted that Salman is safe for three years. What was it about?

Ragini: It was all about his legal cases. I studied his horoscope based on his birth details (27/12/1965. Indore. 2.30 pm) available in the public domain. Study showed he is passing through his best times till next three years and is not likely to go to jail in any case. (Besides hit-and-run case, Salman is also facing cases of black buck poaching and arms cases in Rajasthan).

ChaT: Will he face legal troubles after three years?

Ragini: Salman is not likely to face jail in any of the cases. His horoscope shows he is not made for jail. He is a free bird. He will get clean chit in other cases also. After some time, however, he will face troubles due to hidden enemies (close people) who will be jealous of his success. He may face physical issues (probable head injury) due to such enemies. For detailed predictions, Salman will have to consult me (she laughs).

ChaT: How do you predict about a person? Can predictions be made only about persons or astrology applies to other living beings, countries etc?

Ragini: For correct predictions one needs deep astrological knowledge and spiritual insight. For predicting about a person there is need of horoscope or Date, Place and Time of birth. On the basis of these details, horoscope of a person can be prepared and several queries can be answered. Similar and some other methods apply to predictions about countries, regions, sports, etc.

ChaT: What if a person does not have horoscope or birth details are not available?

Ragini:  In such a case the queries are answered on the basis of Prashan Kundli. Through this method a horoscope is prepared on the basis of the details about the question/s asked by a person. The predictions through this method require a lot of experience.

ChaT: Are numerology, palmistry, tarot card reading, crystal ball reading also helpful?

Ragini: These are separate branches or offshoots of astrology and can be helpful but only to a certain extent. These are just branches and are limited in reach. For proper predictions and full benefit, one must depend on Vedic astrology which contains benefits of all these branches.

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