Say no to Women’s Day

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-Shivani Jha

Women’s Day is not just about putting up statuses.
It is not about forwarding pictures over WhatsApp.
It is not about parroting “Happy Women’s Day” for 24 hours as a ritual and waking up being the same old you on the 9th of March.

That is the entire issue with celebrating a day – it kills the essence. It can be the nemesis. It can kill the reason to celebrate.

Even those who cannot see a woman with a straight eye are also parroting “Happy Women’s Day” today. Make something a culture and kill its essence – It’s that easy.

Simply creating an aura around the idea of Women’s Day and putting up a status will not give you the leverage to keep insulting women around you. But that’s what you do. You look at her the same way – objectively. (If) you are wrong to her, in the process you are being wrong to yourself.

Oh, no! Don’t misunderstand me. I am not asking you to celebrate this day in any particular way. I am rather asking you to stop celebrating. Leave this day alone.

Do not kill it. Do not kill the slightest possibility of a respectful society for women. The moment you have turned it into a culture, you make sure that behind the celebration, all the chaos and chauvinistic dialogues in your head stays unheard.
So, leave that status message. Check your state of mind.
See around yourself, see how you act.
See what you do.

Please do not wish her. Trust me, when you will actually mean it, she will hear it without you saying it.

No to Women’s Day!
Cheers to this day and all others!

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