10 Strange harms that Pokemon GO caused

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-Navpreet Singh

  1. A person was playing Pokemon GO while driving and met with an accident
  2. People walking on roads and public places holding their phones like they are making a video, making others uncomfortable
  3. Outdoorsy nuisances like bug bites, sunburn, dehydration, and blisters might be part of your experience, depending on where you live and how intensely you play.
  4. A man in NY was pickpocketed while he was busy playing.
  5. A thug was reportedly catched when he was trying to accost a stranger while pretending to use the application
  6. A person was injured at a cemetery in Sydney while trying to catch a Pokemon.
  7. People had gathered around fire stations and railway tracks while playing the game, which became a cause of worry for onlookers and the authorities.
  8. Some people have granted access permissions for Google data due to the app incomplete built
  9. It hasn’t publicly released in India but leaked APKs are being enjoyed by Indians. That has no check for multiple threats to phone software and other certified apps.
  10. It has vastly drained battery and mobile data of users due to the need of consistent connectivity, GPS and camera.
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