Delhi's drive to combat pollution.

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– Harshita Tewani / ChaT

As Delhi brings in the new car rule to control pollution, aam janta puts forth its views about this deal. According to this rule, now in Delhi, odd and even numbered vehicles will be allowed to move on alternate days. So basically if the last digit of your car number is odd or even, in a week you’ll be able to use it only thrice. And Sundays will probably be called off!

So how effective this idea is? How effectively will it be implemented? All such questions are not only plaguing the minds of Delhiites but also of a lot of Jaipurites. We tried to seek the opinions of Jaipur janta on this topic of the hour and this is what they have to say.

Payal, a designing student finds this rule extremely intelligent and feels the need of its application in Jaipur as well. On the other hand, Arjun, a civil engineer finds this rule just pleasing to the ears. He feels that it is not going to last long as it is not absolutely public friendly.

Deepak, a teacher finds this rule an important step in “making India” but also talks about its cons. He thinks that a lot of people cannot conveniently use the public transports, so this rule might trouble a lot of them.

Roopal, a homemaker says that if this rule continues to be, Delhiites will not think twice to buy two cars, one with an odd and one with an even number, as buying a car today is not a big deal, and the traffic and pollution problems will never end.

Manish a mechanical engineer says, this rule is smart but it will not really ensure stark cut down in pollution as any which way people own more than one vehicle in today’s date. Also, such a rule will motivate public transport drivers specially autowalas to charge prices according to their whims and wishes. And helpless aam middle class janta will again be burdened and crushed.

Mahima, an English literature professor finds this rule impactful yet unfriendly as it is definitely going to annoy a lot of people.

So the Jaipur janta has a lot to say on this issue. We saw no person who supported this view entirely. Jaipurites at large have a mixed opinion on this topic. But whatever points people have put up, are worth noting.

So let us see what happens further in this enraging matter and let’s hope whatever happens, happens in the favour of the mango man!

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