“There is life beyond examinations,” Kargil veteran DP Singh

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Kota: “Never to give up in life,” is the message from Major DP Singh, India’s own blade runner who lost his right leg during Kargil war, to the coaching students of Kota. Speaking to the students at a seminar, Major Singh advised them not to limit to the academic examinations as life is much more than that. He related his own experiences as a student and as an army officer. He revealed that he failed at school examinations and couldn’t clear the National Defence Academy examination twice, but with all his patience he pursued his dream of becoming an army officer and eventually got through the Combined Defence Services examination.

Singh urged the students never to quit in life and always strive for improvement. “Failures in life are nothing but indicators for a scope for further improvement. So do not ever give up to the failures of life,” he said. “I had planned many things in my professional life as an army official but my dreams were thrashed when I lost a leg during the Kargil War in 1999. However, I did not give up and explored many other positive aspects of life,” Singh added. He suggested the students to make friends and share each other’s feelings.

“I could have easily gone into a shell but it was my love for life which kept me motivated and eventually I became a blade runner in 2009 and have so far participated in 18 half marathons,” Major Singh told the audience. “All human beings have good and bad thoughts but we should always try to divert away from negative thoughts and nurture the positive ones. Always think that you are the boss,” he told the students.

Major Singh urged the students to exercise and take up different sports as the physical activity prompts healthy mind. “It is always more important to be a good human being rather than pursuing the goal of becoming a doctor or an engineer,” he said.

Major Singh runs an NGO called, ‘The Challenging Ones’, which has 900 amputee members. 100 amputees have been participating in various marathons to motivate all in life.

Singh’s batch mate Captain Gurinder Virk, who runs Rays – ‘Asha Ki Ek Kiran’ named NGO for HIV-affected children at Jaipur, also addressed the students. He said that there is a long life beyond success or failure in IIT-JEE or medical entrance examinations.

The directors of Allen Career Institute, Govind Maheshwari and Naveen Maheshwari were also present on the occasion.

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