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The 3rd annual three day experiential educators conclave from 9 to 11 December 2016, at The Heritage School, Gurgaon / Delhi area, is India’s only international conference on experiential learning.

To fuel the growth of experiential learning in India, Center for Experiential Education & The Heritage School in association with FICCI is organizing annual conference dedicated to the field of learning through experience. This is aimed at building awareness, spreading and sustaining the practice of experiential education in India. This conference brings together a diverse range of educators and working styles, to explore a methodology for teaching and learning that is different yet complementary to the traditional educational practices that exist.

The conclave presents eminent Indian & International experts from the field of experiential education, with an intention to expose participant to some of the best ideologies and methodologies. 2016 theme is “Reimagine Classroom”, A menu of 3 keynotes, 8 Storynotes, and 18 workshops of 90 minutes each, spread over two days will allow delegates to select the topics that matters the most.

Experiential education is gaining momentum in India. Now, more than ever, there is a need to bring together practitioners from diverse fields and provide access to the knowledge and resources necessary to develop skills and take the practice of experiential education to the next level. This conclave provides the platform to do just that.experiential learning conference 1

Why attend…

  • Meet with, and learn from world leaders in the field of experiential education. You will have the rare opportunity to engage with them first-hand, be a part of in-depth discussions and understand their valuable perspectives, and benefit from their experiences.
  • Connect with experiential education practitioners from all over India, build a network and become part of a vibrant community of your peers. In doing so, you will gain access to a rich source of ideas, support and expertise.
  • Gain unique insights and practical knowledge that will help you develop your own skills and enable you to expand and hone your application of the principles of experiential education in your area of expertise.
  • Learn from the best examples of your fellow experiential education practitioners and the experts, so you can apply these valuable lessons to your own field of work and help build a body of practical knowledge that will serve as an invaluable resource for experiential education practitioners in India.
  • Set the agenda for the development of experiential education in India. As we come together to share our stories and meet with seasoned experts, we will gain the perspective needed to drive the growth of experiential education in India.

Information on the conference can we accessed at

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