Today’s epidemic – Corruption

The judicial system offers too much space for corruption. It is unfortunately even identifiable or even left unreported in most cases.

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-Deekshitha Siva

Living in today’s age, it is very difficult for an individual to escape the jaws of corruption. It can be either on the giving or receiving end. The act of “corruption” has been conveniently camouflaged into several forms through donations, gifts, commissions and the list can go on and on. Corruption is an illegal opportunity presented to those who are at a luxury to freely exploit and enforce it on others as well. Corruption exists at every level, starting with the streets, to educational institutions and further into the government, where it finally upsets the economic status of the country.

Out of the 196 countries in the world, 176 of them are said to be corrupt. The world’s debt put together amounts to over $59.7 trillion. How did it amount to so much? Whom do we owe this much to? The taxes we pay are used to keep a tab on money, thus making it accountable. The rest, unaccountable money largely pertains to black money obtained by means of corruption.

The other dark side of corruption is the unfair advantages it holds to people who can afford it. It has indeed become the easiest and most convenient way to obtain a license, degree, ration, almost at every bureaucratic institution and even get away from an arrest warrant. It is also largely used as an excuse to speed up the process especially of a certain transactions that require government approval. Lost amidst all of these illegal activities are those deserving candidates, be it at a school, university or even the one’s standing for elections. Corruption is one of the leading factors for poverty in a country.

The penalty for corruption starts from imprisonment for 15 years to life, depending on the severity of the act. The irony of it is that, the criminals get away from these life sentences by means of corruption. The judicial system offers too much space for corruption. It is unfortunately even identifiable or even left unreported in most cases. We could argue that on some level, it indeed has become acceptable and is a part of our everyday lives. This is only because we have succumbed to it at every level. The act of corruption falls through only when two parties are involved. Hereby, it is obvious that the solution lies with us, as individuals.

Changing the world overnight or even in a few years for that matter is impossible. It will require rectification at every level starting from the very root. As individuals, we hold the responsibility towards our nation is to not support this act. After all, change starts with you and me.

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