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-Harsita Tewani

Jaipur: The Jaipur Literature Festival has not just been a hub for literary enthusiasts, but over the years has emerged as a platform showcasing different and chic winter fashion styles. Different visitors are seen sporting funky wear, some don the classic elegant looks, and some prefer a messy and shabby look. So with this edition we bring forth to you the top 5 fashion trends seen at JLF this year.Fashion at JLF 2016

  1. Coz its Scarves time!

As soon as winter arrives, the first thing we do is take out all our scarves, mufflers, and stoles to put them on in various styles and patterns. A similar fashion was seen at JLF this year as girls and boys sported scarves with printed, embossed, and even embroidered patterns.

  1. Leather! Bring it onFashion Page 1

Who can forget leather in this chilling weather of the January month. It not only keeps you warm but gives you that extra edge, which makes you stand out in a crowd. This edition of JLF as usual saw a drift towards cool leather jackets and even leather pants to a certain extent.

  1. Say hello to Brogues and Boots!

These winters have seen brogues as a stark fashion trend. May it be males or females; all have been seen having a pair of brogues lately. These give a very smart and neat look to the entire attire and are super comfy. This year as always boots were everyone’s best friend. Girls were seen sporting boots with stockings and boys opted for ankle length boots.

  1. Long sweaters and jackets you’re always welcome!Fashion JLF

This must not be mentioned that the long pullovers and coats are always a yes, as they are comfortable and stylish at the same time. JLF also wasn’t untouched by the magic of these long darlings this year!

  1. Let’s Accessorize!Fashion at JLF

This year at JLF a drift towards accessories was seen as a major fashion trend. From reflector sunglasses to head gears, small little embellishments made everyone’s look complete. Hair bands and clip-ons were popular amongst girls while boys chose funky shades and backpacks to give a supremacy to their look.

So this was the fashion report from JLF 2016. Well, don’t mind taking these as hacks to this winter season, and as must haves in your wardrobe!

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