US Presidential Campaign Gets Ugly

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-Dev Ankur Wadhawan

The US Presidential elections have been mired in ugly showdown between the Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.

The eagerly anticipated second Presidential debate, got off to a rough start as both the candidates, Trump and Clinton indulged in a bitter, acrimonious verbal duel as accusations and counter – accusations flew thick and fast between the two candidates. Several of the watchers believe that Trump adopted an offensive approach, as he had been on a backfoot in recent days.

Trump’s campaign had taken a severe hit, after a more than 10 – years – old tape, in which he made lewd remarks against women, surfaced. Trump came across in extremely bad light as he mouthed offensive remarks against women that were considered in bad taste. Even though Trump had offered a video taped apology on the issue, it was being considered an attempt at containing the damage to his sagging campaign rather than any serious show of remorse. Trump, in the 2005 taped conversations, can be heard talking in a lewd, obscene manner about women.

The second debate was considered a clear opportunity for the Clinton campaign to deal a body blow to Trump’s candidacy. However, Trump, on a back foot, clearly had adopted a more aggressive approach, not just in his speech, but also through his body language. He was seen lurking around, moving in a manner considered similar to stalking, even as it was Hillary’s turn to respond to questions or make comments. Trump was even involved in bickering with the moderators levelling the accusation, of not being allowed to respond to Hillary and hinting, in a veiled manner, that he was being discriminated against and the Democratic candidate was being favoured.

Trump accused Hillary Clinton’s husband and former US President Bill Clinton of abusing several women, claiming that his were mere words whereas Bill Clinton was involved in several cases of sexually abusing women.

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